Find The Best Bitcoin Casino – My Top-3 Choices!

Bitcoin rouletteCryptocurrencies like bitcoin are ideal for online gambling. Gambling with bitcoin offers many benefits; deposits and withdrawals are almost instant, players are completely anonymous, and legality or taxes are hardly an issue.
Many countries prohibit online gambling, but that doesn’t matter with bitcoin, which isn’t treated as legal tender in most legislations. And even in places where it is, the law is completely useless and unenforceable due to player anonymity and the nature of bitcoin. In short, you can play with bitcoin no matter where you’re located!

But don’t be mistaken – there are some cons to bitcoin casinos, too. Cryptocurrency-based casinos are not regulated, and no license is needed to start one. Which, in short, means that if you happen to play at a dodgy casino, you can kiss your coins goodbye.

There is no reason to get discouraged, however. Ever since its birth, cryptocurrency gaming has grown in popularity. And when an industry grows, a lot of independent bloggers start posting about it, which really helps in feeding out untrustworthy operators.
You do have to know where to look though, because as you might have noticed, not everything that you read online is true. This pertains to reviews of bitcoin gaming sites as well. Even sites that start out as legitimate can easily be bribed to change their opinions! As I grew tired of seeing all the fake reviews online, I wanted to start my own review blog. Everything you read on here is strictly based on my own testing of the gambling portal!

With that said, let’s start with my top choices;


My personal rankings of the 3 best bitcoin casinos of the year


1. Bitcoinpenguin Casino is a relatively fresh bitcoin casino – but don’t be mistaken by its young age. Their software provider is the reputable and trustworthy Softswiss, so you can be sure of the fairness and trustworthiness of this casino. Tip: whenever researching information about a new place to play, find out about their software provider first. If the provider is of good reputation, it ensures that the games are most likely truly fair, since no established provider wants to risk their reputation! But stay away from new places that develop their own software – there’s no way of knowing if you can trust them. Even “provable fairness” can be faked, remember this.

Bitcoinpenguin casino has many cool slot games, which are my personal favorite thing about this place. There are also many card games, such as blackjack and all the other classics. Trust me, the games at this place are way better than most of the other casinos… even with all the other benefits, bitcoin casinos used to suffer of really poor selection of games. It’s nice to see that serious operators, such as Bitcoinpenguin, are finally bringing professional quality to cryptocurrency gaming! If you want to see their games for yourself, I have good news for you: you can test the games for free before depositing. You do have to kind of dig for the option, but you can find it in the sign up page, below the sign up button.

The registration at this casino is super easy. No real name, address, or credit card details; just enter your email, password and a nickname and you’re good to go! And yes, americans are accepted.

Bitcoinpenguin advertises “instant deposits and withdrawals” as their selling point, and in my experience, it is true. This casino has some of the quickest transactions I’ve ever experienced. The system seems to be automated, and I’ve never even had to talk to the support about withdrawals.

If you are one of them dogecoin fanatics, or a litecoin user, you can also opt to gamble with those. I personally have just stuck to bitcoin for now – but a few relaxing games with dogecoin can be a great way to get familiar with this casino, since even if you lose, dogecoin isn’t nearly as valuable as bitcoin.

With all that said, there is 1 negative to this place; there is no first time deposit bonus at the moment, which might disappoint some of you bonus hunters. Me personally, I am not bothered by this, as I find that most other bitcoin casinos that do offer bonuses are bogus in every other way. I’ve actually started rejecting bonuses from casinos that I test, because in almost 100% of the cases the bonus has to be wagered so many time that if you actually do the math, you’re better off just playing without it! Most of the time, first time deposit bonuses are just promotion tricks to get you to register.
I have personally talked to the support, and it seems that they are working on a bonus system for big players… but they didn’t tell me anything else. If you’re a “high roller”, it might be worth messaging them and asking about a bonus before depositing.

To sum it up: is an excellent new multi-crytocurrency casino with super-fast anonymous transactions. They have a nice selection of really nice casino games from a reputable provider. If you don’t mind the lack of bonuses, and are looking for an elegant gambling experience using bitcoins, this casino might be your best choice. Visit them and see it for yourself at!


2. Vera&John

Feel free to disregard this review, since Vera&John has stopped accepting bitcoin because of regulatory reasons & problems with their license. How ironic.

Vera&John was the first establsihed, licensed Fiat money casino to start accepting bitcoins. So I want to make it clear; this casino doesn’t offer the same benefits of bitcoin-only places, Vera&John players are not anonymous, and the transactions do take a while, especially when withdrawing winnings. Furthermore, americans are not accpeted in this casino.

After that, you might wonder why I even bother listing this casino at all, let alone at spot 2?

Well, the answer is simple: The casino is still streets ahead of most bitcoin casinos out there, and despite the waiting, I still enjoy playing here sometimes. They have way more games than any of their cryptocurrency-only competitors, and their customer support not only answers instantly, but in multiple languages.

And if you’re looking for a bitcoin casino with a bonus, Vera&John is about the only place that offers a good bonus with sensible wagering requirements!

So should you play here? In summary;
If you’re looking to move to bitcoin gambling because of the speed, anonymity and convinience it offers, forget about this place. But if you’re not concerned about those things, and just want the highest quality possible, Vera&John is probably your best bet. Check them out here.



Satoshibet is extremely simple, let’s make that clear. If you want nice looking games and a more traditional bitcoin gaming experience, look at the other options above.

Satoshibet is popular among bitcoin enthusiasts, because they offer simple, provably fair, instant-play casino games. They have a wide selection of cryptocurrencies you can use, and their games are html5 and built in browser. If you have a slow connection, this casino is ideal.

They have recently added minesweeper as a new game, which is my favorite thing about this place!

There are no bonuses for this casino, and it doesn’t look like there will ever be.

In short;
If you’re not too concerned about nice graphics and you just want a quick, simple crypto gaming experience in a trusted place, this site may be for you. Satoshibet used to be my favorite until other places overtook it in terms of quality, but it still has a place in my heart! Try it out here.


New? Read these F.A.Q.s

These questions and answers will hopefully make some things a bit more clear, if your’re new to the subject.


I am American, which bitcoin casino should I play in?

Most bitcoin casinos accept american players, there’s only a handful that don’t. Since most places don’t ask you for any of your personal details, they have no reason to even care where you’re located. If you’re in the USA, I would suggest you start playing in – a casino that’s been vocal about accepting anyone, including US players.


But is bitcoin gambling even legal?

The long answer to this question is; depends on your location, and even then, nobody really seems to even know. Bitcoin is so new that the laws around it keep changing, from state to state to country to country, and it’s almost impossible to keep up. This website offers no legal advice. In some places, bitcoin is not considered as legal currency, so gambling with it is perfectly legal even in places that prohibit online gambling. Other places have aleready changed the laws to prohibit it, some even prohibit cryptocurrency alltogether.
The short answer: Who cares? it is almost impossible to get caught doing it. Gambling sites are anonymous, bitcoin is anonymous, and a simple IP address is not enough to persecute anyone. A word of advice though; if you’re located somewhere where every kind of online gaming, be it with bitcoin, dogecoin or pinecones, is illegal, simply avoid playing at places that ask for your personal details.

That’s it. Hopefully this clears up some things! Our list of places to play will be updated constantly, so check back later!

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